So you want to throw a Pinterest worthy Ballerina-Themed party for your perfect little Princess Ballerina? Dancing Princess Parties has you covered! We can provide some tips, tricks and thoughts to help you throw the best Ballerina-Themed birthday party in town…a party that will have your fellow mommas calling YOU to help them plan their next birthday party bash! We know, because we’ve thrown our fair share of Ballerina parties…being DANCING Princesses. Our favorite? Sophia’s Ballerina Birthday Extravaganza!

Meet Sophia, our very special Ballerina Birthday girl!

Meet Sophia, the little ballerina that stole our hearts on her fourth birthday. A little princess who loves ballet, everything pink and tutus! We are so excited to take you into her birthday party and share with you some tips on throwing a Ballerina Bash that will have your fellow moms begging for deets and feeling inspired…and get those “Pin It” buttons ready…we have lots of Pinterest worthy tips just for YOU!

Do I have to have a Ballerina Themed Birthday Party at a Dance Studio?

No! Sophia is here to show you, that you can have a Ballerina Party ANYWHERE! In fact, we traveled to Sophia’s home and threw the party right in her living and dining room! Our first tip is to find a local birthday party or event planner that is MOBILE…meaning they bring their parties to YOU! Dancing Princess Parties is a mobile traveling entertainment Company in Denver, Colorado- hit up your Google Local Search to find a mobile birthday party company near you!

Do I need to plan any of the games? I’m not a Dance Teacher!

Hopefully, your town has a dance program or birthday party planner that has trained Party Hosts with dance training! Sometimes they may even have characters, like our Ballerina Princess, that you can add on to make your birthday party even more magical! That’s what we do here at Dancing Princess

A Dancing Princess Parties’ hostess arranges her party guests for ballet warm ups.

Parties! You should find a Party Company that employs or contracts  hosts and hostesses with training in dance, acting and voice! This way you can be sure that your birthday party can run smoothly and without a lot of stress or planning on your part! How can you choose the best Birthday Party company in town for your Ballerina Party? Here are some questions you can ask before booking:

  • What kind of training do your party hosts in musical theater, dance and voice training?
  • Are your teachers background checked/fingerprinted?
  • How do you train your hosts to ensure they can lead an hour long party?
  • Are your teachers trained in classroom management and childhood development? What kind of training do they have?
  • What will I need to provide your staff for a successful party?

If the Birthday Party Event Company can’t answer these questions, or they inform you that you need to provide a lot of the materials to make your party happen, our recommendation is to STEER CLEAR and find a provider that makes YOUR job easier! The last thing you want as a busy mom is to spend another $100 on materials to give to a party host that will only be used once! You also want to be sure you can sit back, relax and watch the guests at your party enjoy a ballet class taught by a trained professional! Be sure to ask the question about classroom management…a trained ballerina is NOT automatically equipped to manage a party of 15-20 kids! Now that you know how to pre-screen your birthday party event planner before booking, let’s explore Sophia’s Ballerina Themed Birthday Party by Dancing Princess Parties! We hope you enjoy these ideas and use them to throw your next Ballerina Birthday Ball!

Tips for an at home Ballet Party!

Yes, we know what you’re thinking, my home isn’t a dance studio! How is a teacher supposed to come into my living room and teach a ballet class? Sophia’s home was also not a ballet studio, but it worked! Here are a few tips from our dance teachers here at Dancing Princess Parties to make your at-home ballet party work for you!

  1. Find the best room!

    The first step, is to determine which room will work best for your party! Pick the room with the most open space, the least furniture and a floor that will be easy to dance on. We suggest a carpet or hardwood floor over concrete or tile…this way if a dancer slips and falls, they are less likely to get hurt!

  2. Move the Furniture!

    Make as much room to dance as possible by moving the furniture. Push it as far back against the walls as possible. We’ve even had some party moms move the furniture out of the room completely! Obviously this is not required!

  3. No Distractions!

    Make sure that you remove distractions from the room! Don’t hold your ballet party in the play room with all the toys, kids will be distracted and won’t want to dance! Turn off tv’s and electronics and create a blank slate. Have cakes, presents, and other non-dance games/entertainment in a separate room.

  4. Prep the Room!

    Be sure your room has everything your Ballet Party host will need! including a wall outlet for a speaker, a table or counter to leave props, and water!

  5. Observers

    We love moms and dads watching the fun! Just be sure there is a separate area for observers so they aren’t in the way of the dancers!

All right, now that you know you CAN host a ballet party anywhere, let’s look inside Sophia’s in-home Princess Ballerina birthday party! These pictures showcase how a party in a small, home space can be arranged with a qualified dance educator who has extensive experience working with kids! Enjoy!


A Peek Inside a Princess Ballerina Birthday Party!

A Dancing Princess Party Hostess leads class on some stretches and warm ups. Ballerinas are known for their limberness, and flexibility.


Stretching can be fun an imaginative…like catching frozen toe and melted toes when Elsa is around!


Next, our Warm Up scarves become a prop to twirl, swirl, sway and whirl!


The Dancing Princess Party Host is great at managing the party and moves the party guests to the side for more ballet dancing fun!


Captivated party guests listening to the dance teacher and ready to learn!


Next the Ballerina Party host teaches the guests a Ballet move called a bourée walk. She teaches the move to everyone first….

The Party Hostess then teaches the guests how to bourée walk individually.

Allowing party guests to perform the dance moves individually allows each guest to shine, and parents a great photo opportunity!


Sophia, the ballerina princess herself, shows off her bourée walk!


Next, our ballet teacher teaches how to do an arabesque!





Now our star of the day, ballerina Sophia shows off her amazing arabesque!

Performing an arabesque is most fun with a fun prop like a purple and pink teddy bear!

Hey! We know that dance move! It’s a passé!

Have we mentioned boys dance too?

Leaping over butterflies!

End the celebration with a little freeze dance! At this ballerina party we added some balloons to make it more fun!


















Dancing Princess Parties knows a thing or two about coordinating fun, fanciful, and fascinating birthday party activities that are full of whimsy and wonderment. We’ve had quite a bit of practice in this area thanks to our annual Fairy Tale Princess Dance Camps that we host through our sister company Dance Exploration as part of their Summer Camp Programs. Our Fairy Tale Princess Camps run 5 days 3 hours a day, so there is A LOT of fun, magic and of course DANCING to be had! Each day we explore a different Princess story. Usually starting with Cinderella and ending with Frozen on the final day. We just finished our camps for the 2017 summer and our activities and ideas are still fresh in our heads therefore we wanted to share some of our favorites with you over the course of the next few months! For this post, we are starting with one of our favorite games from our Little Mermaid day!

Little Mermaid Treasure Chest

The Little Mermaid Treasure Chest game is an easy game to play at any Little Mermaid themed party!

Our Princess Campers LOVED the Little Mermaid’s Treasure Chest game, as you can tell from this photo, and we are here to tell you that there is not much that is required to make this game happen! In fact, we bet you can gather all the props and materials for this game for $20 or less! The most expensive item is the treasure chest. We actually used a wicker picnic basket that we picked up at the Salvation Army. If you’d like some ideas on where to shop, we’ve attached some links below so you can quickly order your materials online!

What you will need for this game:

How to Play:

At our Fairy Tale Princess Camps we had eight princesses in class. We hid gold coins under three scarves, which meant only three dancers found a treasure. You can choose to hide a limited number of coins to make the game harder, or you can hide coins/jewelry under every scarf so everyone is a winner! There is no wrong or right way to play to the game.

A Dancer shows off her arabesque before picking up a scarf in the Little Mermaid’s Treasure Chest birthday party game.

What you’ll want to do, either before your guests arrive, or when they are participating in another party activity, is hide the treasure under the scarves. Any treasure you don’t use, should be put in the treasure chest.

Since we are Dancing Princess Parties, and our Fairy Tale Princess Camps are Dance Camps, we have our campers perform ballet moves before they are allowed to pick a scarf. They perform a bourée walk (tip toe walk) with their hands above their head (like a princess crown). When they get to the scarf they have to perform an arabesque (like the dancer in the picture on the left).

Once they perform the moves, they can pick up the scarf to see if they found any gold treasure to add to the treasure chest. If they don’t find treasure, they wait for another turn. If they do find treasure, they bourée walk to the treasure chest and add the gold coins into the treasure chest.

After every child has had a turn, or all the treasure has been found, allow the kids to pick out a piece of the Little Mermaid’s Treasure to take home!

We should mention music, we usually play “Part of Your World” from the Broadway version of Disney’s Little Mermaid during this game, but really you can play any song from the Broadway Musical or Disney’s hit cartoon.

This game is so easy! We hope you include it at your next Little Mermaid themed party or event.

Enjoy the slideshow gallery below of all the pictures from our game of The Little Mermaid’s Treasure Chest taken from one of our Fairy Tale Princess Dance Camps this summer!


Long before Disney drew Snow White for the big screen, Princesses graced the stage in ballets dating back to the 1800’s. Most of the Princess stories originated in folk tales and novels and were produced as stage plays or ballets before television ever existed. Ballet has it’s roots deep in the 1400-1600’s when theatrical plays and dances were performed at the courts of kings and queens. It was considered not only a form of entertainment, but highly intellectual for audience members to decipher the meaning behind the dances. Modern ballet was first started in the courts of King Louis XIII when he produced his Ballet-Mascarade which was focused less on the intellectual story-telling and more on the elaborate costumes and masks and was highly rooted in pantomime – acting with gestures and facial expressions.

Ballet evolved and in the Romantic Era, the first “Princesses in Ballet” began appearing. The Ballet Romantic Era dates back to 1827 when Marie Taglioni performed in La Sylphide in Paris. This performance also introduced pointe work on a ballerina. Taglioni appeared in a “Romantic” Tutu which came down to just above her calves and showed her shoulders and arms setting a new fashion in ballet.

The next Princess Ballet in 1841 was Giselle also of the “Romantic” era. Giselle told the tragic story of a young peasant girl who fell in love with a young boy in her village. He did not tell her he was the Prince and when she discovered who he was and that he was engaged to another woman, she went mad and danced herself to death.

Don Quixote based on the famous novel by Miguel de Cervantes appeared in 1859. A Story of a fiery girl named Kitri and her love Basilio. After Don Quixote, Coppelia debuted in 1870. A fun ballet about Swanilda and Franz. Swanilda becomes jealous of Coppelia when she sees Franz blowing her kisses. Swanilda breaks into the Toy Maker’s home to learn more about Coppelia to discover she is a doll! Don Quixote and Coppelia were considered comedic ballets in comparison to the tragic stories of La Sylphide and Giselle.

In 1877, Swan Lake appeared. This was Tchaikovsky’s first ballet score and it was choreographed by Lev Ivanov. Another tragedy, the ballet tells of a Prince Siegfried who is told he must be married. He doesn’t believe in a love-less marriage, and is not fond of the idea. He and a friend head off to hunt when he stumbles across Swans on a Lake. He is ready to shoot a Swan, when it suddenly transforms into a beautiful woman. She tells him she is Odette, Queen of the Swans, and an evil sorcerer, Von Rothbart, has her under a curse that keeps her transformed as a swan until the full moon hit lakes. The curse can can only be broken by the promise of true love. Siegfried is determined to break the spell and asks Odette to meet him at the Ball. At the Ball, Von Rothbart has transformed his daughter Odile to appear in the likeness of Odette. Prince Siegfried dances with her and proclaims his love for Odile. Odette, in a nearby window, witnesses Prince Siegfried vow his love for Odile. She is instantly broken-hearted. Realizing his mistake, Siegfried rushes to Swan Lake. There he finds Odette distraught. He apologizes and she accepts his apology and they rekindle their love for each other. This victory is short lived when Von Rothbart appears again and expects Siegfried to affirm his commitment to Odile which would ultimately turn Odette into a Swan forever. Realizing their only escape is death, the two plunge into the lake to their deaths- killing Von Rothbart. The ballet ends with the pair ascending into heaven where they live in eternal love.

We are still waiting for the Disney version of Swan Lake…while hopefully less tragic for a child version of the story…who wouldn’t love a Swan Princess??? We can’t think of anything more graceful, pure and beautiful than a swan.

The first great Princess Ballet appeared in 1890 when Marius Petipa and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky teamed up to choreograph and compose the Sleeping Beauty. Comprised of a Prologue and 3 Acts, the ballet had all of the makings of a perfect Fairy Tale! Opening with the Prologue and the dances of 6 Fairies all invited to the baby Aurora’s Christening. The Lilac Fairy was the grandest of the fairies and was about to bestow her gift when the evil Fairy Carabosse arrives. She is upset she did not receive an invitation and curses the baby Aurora to prick her finger and die on her 16th birthday. Luckily the Lilac Fairy is able to save Aurora from death and rather she will be cursed to sleep for 100 years until awoken by true love’s kiss. In Act 1, the story progresses to Aurora growing to be beautiful and celebrating her 16th birthday. Four Princes have traveled from afar to seek Aurora’s hand in marriage. She dances the Rose Adagio with the four suitors. The Rose Adagio is a test of strength for all ballerinas. Soon after, a beggar woman appears and offers Aurora a bouquet. In her excitement she dances with the bouquet only to discover a spindle hidden beneath the stems. She pricks her finger and instantly falls to sleep. The kingdom, distraught, is once more graced by the Lilac Fairy who reminds them of the Sleeping Spell. She uses her magic to put the entire kingdom to sleep, so Aurora will have family and friends near when she wakes up in 100 years. In Act 2 we meet the handsome Prince Desire, he is on a hunting trip and is pretty unhappy. He is engaged to be married, but is not in love. Seeking more, the Lilac Fairy appears and shows him a vision of Aurora. He falls in love and the Lilac Fairy leads him to the Castle where Aurora sleeps. He kisses her breaking the spell.

In the final Act the Prince and Aurora celebrate their marriage. There is not a single ballet that creates such a Fairy Tale for a Prince and Princess. At the wedding, guests from surrounding lands are invited to celebrate: Puss N’ Boots and his White Cat, the Bluebirds, Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, and Jewels from afar. It’s truly a magical spectacle. The ballet ends with a lovely pas de deux between Aurora and her Prince. It’s no wonder Disney felt inspired by the ballet when creating his animated film almost 70 years later in 1959. You can even hear Tchaikovsky’s score in the animated film. Aurora’s song “I know you you” is sung to Tchaikovsky’s Op. 66 Act 1: The Spell (Le Sort est Jete): 6. Valse. You know Maleficent and her Pet Raven?? In the ballet, that music is the dance of Puss N’ Boots and the White Cat, which is considered a comedic and playful in the ballet; and yet, with Disney’s animation, the music tells a much darker and more sinister tale.

After Sleeping Beauty the Nutcracker made it’s debut in 1892. Much shorter (only 2 acts compared to 3 or 4), the Nutcracker is less about a Princess,  and more about the adventure of a young girl and her dreams. Being transported to the Land of the Sweets ruled by the Sugar Plum Fairy and Cavalier…it’s royal in it’s own right and is still performed by every major ballet company and even smaller dance studios put on small scale versions for holiday pleasure.

The following year, 1893 Cinderella debuted as a ballet choreographed by Enrico Cecchetti. This performance appeared in Russia with Ballerina Pierina Legnani as Cinderella. It is reported in this performance, was the first time a ballerina successfully completed 32 fouettés (consecutive turns on one leg while hopping up and down on pointe) in Russia. The original score (by Fitinhoff-Schell) was never taken down. The ballet has gone under many revivals including Lev Ivanov in 1898, and again in 1945 when Prokofiev introduced his score (which is used in most productions today). Sir Frederick Ashton choreographed his full-length Cinderella to Prokofiev’s score in 1948 for the Sadler’s Wells Ballet- most common productions are based on the Ashton/Prokofiev works.

More contemporary and modern Fairy Tale Ballets include “Beauty and the Beast” showing a debut of 2011 and the Snow Queen in 1998. The newest Princes Ballet, The Little Mermaid, was performed in 2016 for Charlotte Ballet and then right here in Colorado when the Colorado Ballet performed “The Little Mermaid” as part of their 2016-2017 season. It’s the newest Princess Ballet – and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Now when will they start making Super Hero ballets? …only time will tell?


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