Alice in Wonderland

It's a "Golden Afternoon" when Alice is around! She will teach you oragami, how to dance and sing like the flowers, and show you how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly! She has so many adventures to take you on...and so many friends too! Her favorite dance move is trying to fit in with the flowers, so she will make a "leaf" or passé. She can't wait to celebrate your birthday...or un-birthday...she's a ball of delightful energy to enhance your special day!

Ballerina Princess

The Ballerina Princess is ready to dance and perform at your next birthday party or event. She brings elegance, grace and poise wherever she goes along with a bit of fancy and fun. Her beautiful tutu glimmers and glistens as she dances her ballet. Her favorite song to dance to is "Music Box Dancer" and her favorite dance move is the Bouree Turn.

Belle of the Ball

The Belle of the Ball Princess loves Tea Parties. Her favorite song to dance to is "Ballerina Tea" where she leads her party guests in a ballet inspired tea party dance. Her favorite dance move is the curtsy. This prim, proper and polite princess loves to teach her guests about proper etiquette. She cannot wait to be your party hostess.

Classic Belle comes with the beauty, brains and warm-hearted disposition that we know and love. She is a classic beauty full of knowledge. She loves to share her favorite stories with the guests at her parties. Her favorite song to twirl to is "Tale as Old as Time" while performing her favorite dance move...the princess twirl. She invites you to be her guest at your next party!

Classic Belle

"Lovely Night" Cinderella reminisces about her night at the Ball with the Prince and loves her Fairy Godmother for making it possible. Her favorite dance move is waltzing with the Prince. She is the quintessential addition to any birthday party or event!


Classic Cinderella is a dreamer. She has a soft spot in her heart for her mice and bird friends. Kind-hearted, caring, and forgiving are a few words to describe this classic beauty. "A Dream is a Wish" is her song to dance to, and her favorite dance move is a tip toe walk in her glass slippers. She can't wait to share her royal expertise with your party guests.

Classic Cinderella

Coronation Princess

Hire Dancing Princess Parties' Coronation Princess for your next party or event! This bubbly character adds wittiness, silliness and a whole lot of laughter. She enjoys teaching a dance to the song "For the First Time in Forever" and her favorite dance move is a gallop!

The Frostbit Princess is anxious to bring back summer and her sister the Ice Queen! She loves sharing her adventure with new friends including snowmen, reindeer, ice harvesters and party guests! She loves dancing and singing the song "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" and her favorite dance move is pas de cheval (step of the reindeer).

Frostbit Princess

Frostbite Sisters

This dynamic duo brings icy magic, fun games, and laughter to your party. They love dancing to "Let it Go" and the "First Time in Forever". They bring their snowman and reindeer friends along to help play "Sniff out the Giggles" Freeze Dance! They can't wait to open up the gates for your guests at your next party!

Book the Ice Flurry Sisters for your next party or event. Dancing to songs like "Do you want to Build a Snowman?" and "Let it Go," this frosty team is ready for a chilling time. Their favorite dance game to play is "Warm Hugs" freeze dance by unfreezing party guests with an act of true love to thaw frozen hearts. They can't wait for your party or event!

Ice Flurry Sisters

Ice Queen

The Ice Queen may have the ability to turn her surroundings to solid ice, but she can also bring warmth wherever she goes with her warm hugs. She travels with a Snowman companion who helps spread the love. Their motto is "Only an act of true love can cause a frozen heart." She dances to the song "Let it Go!" and her favorite dance move is a glissade (glide) on the ice. She can't wait for you to open up the gates and allow her to host your party.

Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid loves jumping and dancing on her new...what do you call them?? Oh! Feet! She is so excited to learn about the human objects that you'll have at your party or event! She dances to the song "Part of your World" and her favorite dance move is skipping on her new legs! She can't wait to be a part of your day!

Princess White as Snow

The Princess White as Snow loves throwing Wishes into Wells dreaming that her Prince will come. She also loves apples but has to be careful not to eat the poisoned ones. At her parties she loves singing and dancing with the tiny little guests. Her favorite song to dance to is "Someday my Prince will Come." She sings and whistles while she works - but she really doesn't find entertaining her guests to be a terrible fact she loves it!


Rapunzel is ready to go running, and racing, and dancing, and chasing, and leaping, and bounding; hair flying
heart pounding at your next party or event! If you love twinkling lights, floating lanterns and flowers in your hair- Rapunzel is the perfect Princess for you! She dances to the song "When will my Life Begin" and her favorite dance move is running and leaping!

The Sleeping Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty is pretty and poised in her pink princess dress. She loves waltzing, dancing and dreaming about her prince. She will teach you a a lovely ballet dance to the tune "Once Upon a Dream." Her favorite dance move is the piqué turn. Piqué means "to prick" in French, but she will be very careful not to let anyone at your party prick their fingers and fall asleep! She can't wait to host your next party!