Dancing Princess Parties knows a thing or two about coordinating fun, fanciful, and fascinating birthday party activities that are full of whimsy and wonderment. We’ve had quite a bit of practice in this area thanks to our annual Fairy Tale Princess Dance Camps that we host through our sister company Dance Exploration as part of their Summer Camp Programs. Our Fairy Tale Princess Camps run 5 days 3 hours a day, so there is A LOT of fun, magic and of course DANCING to be had! Each day we explore a different Princess story. Usually starting with Cinderella and ending with Frozen on the final day. We just finished our camps for the 2017 summer and our activities and ideas are still fresh in our heads therefore we wanted to share some of our favorites with you over the course of the next few months! For this post, we are starting with one of our favorite games from our Little Mermaid day!

Little Mermaid Treasure Chest

The Little Mermaid Treasure Chest game is an easy game to play at any Little Mermaid themed party!

Our Princess Campers LOVED the Little Mermaid’s Treasure Chest game, as you can tell from this photo, and we are here to tell you that there is not much that is required to make this game happen! In fact, we bet you can gather all the props and materials for this game for $20 or less! The most expensive item is the treasure chest. We actually used a wicker picnic basket that we picked up at the Salvation Army. If you’d like some ideas on where to shop, we’ve attached some links below so you can quickly order your materials online!

What you will need for this game:

How to Play:

At our Fairy Tale Princess Camps we had eight princesses in class. We hid gold coins under three scarves, which meant only three dancers found a treasure. You can choose to hide a limited number of coins to make the game harder, or you can hide coins/jewelry under every scarf so everyone is a winner! There is no wrong or right way to play to the game.

A Dancer shows off her arabesque before picking up a scarf in the Little Mermaid’s Treasure Chest birthday party game.

What you’ll want to do, either before your guests arrive, or when they are participating in another party activity, is hide the treasure under the scarves. Any treasure you don’t use, should be put in the treasure chest.

Since we are Dancing Princess Parties, and our Fairy Tale Princess Camps are Dance Camps, we have our campers perform ballet moves before they are allowed to pick a scarf. They perform a bourée walk (tip toe walk) with their hands above their head (like a princess crown). When they get to the scarf they have to perform an arabesque (like the dancer in the picture on the left).

Once they perform the moves, they can pick up the scarf to see if they found any gold treasure to add to the treasure chest. If they don’t find treasure, they wait for another turn. If they do find treasure, they bourée walk to the treasure chest and add the gold coins into the treasure chest.

After every child has had a turn, or all the treasure has been found, allow the kids to pick out a piece of the Little Mermaid’s Treasure to take home!

We should mention music, we usually play “Part of Your World” from the Broadway version of Disney’s Little Mermaid during this game, but really you can play any song from the Broadway Musical or Disney’s hit cartoon.

This game is so easy! We hope you include it at your next Little Mermaid themed party or event.

Enjoy the slideshow gallery below of all the pictures from our game of The Little Mermaid’s Treasure Chest taken from one of our Fairy Tale Princess Dance Camps this summer!


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