September Vibe: Apples

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September is here, which means it’s time to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Back to School, Fall Colors, and Sugar and Spice, September gives us some serious Apple Vibes and who better to celebrate apples than our Featured Princess: Princess White as Snow! We are sharing our favorite Apple Vibes below!

September Vibe: Apples


We know the Princess White as Snow loves her apples! If you’re thinking of throwing a September themed Princess Party we’d suggest having the Princess White as Snow host, if you’re considering hiring a character. Princess White as Snow is inspired by Disney’s beloved tale “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” We have pinned some of our favorite “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” themed parties and activities to help you plan your Princess White as Snow themed September party. Enjoy the Pin-spiration!

Dancing Princess Parties- Princess White as Snow

Back to School

For most of us, we start school at the end of August or the beginning of September and that also means bringing an apple to give to your teacher! Do you know where this tradition started? It actually began in the 1700’s when poor children in Denmark and Sweden paid their teachers for their education with potatoes or apples from their farm. Potatoes were a staple for meals while apples were used for making drinks. Did you know, you could thank your teacher AND surprise your class by requesting the Princess White as Snow personally deliver an apple to your teacher? Just book one of our *New* Bobbity-Boo Packages and schedule a classroom visit.

Dancing Princess Fun

We love dancing here at Dancing Princess Parties and our Princess White as Snow is no exception! In fact, when she throws a party, she will dance a slow and graceful ballet to the song “Someday my Prince will Come,” and then she’ll enjoy skipping and twirling about to “Whistle While you Work,” and finally she may be seen dancing a jig to the “Silly Song!” Want to get in on the fun? We’ve created a September Vibe playlist on Spotify dedicated to Princess White as Snow and you’ll notice a few fun Apple songs that you can sing and dance along to at home.



National Apple Day

September 16th 2017 is National Apple Day and we cannot wait to celebrate all things “Apple” with the Princess White as Snow at her very own Tea Party Celebration! The celebration will begin with the Princess White as Snow story time. She is so excited to read her story of how she came to know the Seven Dwarfs and find her Prince and how they lived happily ever after. After Story Time, the Princess White as Snow will teach a beautiful and graceful dance to the song “Someday my Prince Will Come.” After dancing, the Princess White as Snow will help the little princes and princesses and Queen Mothers and King Fathers make an apple craft to take home. After craft time is over, it will be time for an Apple Feast! Party guests will enjoy sipping on apple cider, eating apple pie, apple scones, apple strudel, apple soufflé and more! Before the tea party ends, the Princess White as Snow will take lovely portraits as a wonderful keepsake of the Magic.

We hope you will join us at the National Apple Day Tea Party Celebration with the Princess White as Snow! Space is Limited.

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