Little Mermaid (Fin)

July Princess of the Month

July 1st to July 31st

The Little Mermaid loves flipping her fins with the little guppies at your party. She will take them on an Under the Sea Adventure with her fishy friends. She also loves to share her treasure of thing-a-ma-bobs and hooz-its and whats-its as she dances to her favorite song "Part of that World". She also loves sharing her hair combing technique with her dinglehopper but she warns the guppies to keep an eye out for the sharks. You are sure to have a fin-tastic time when you book her for your next birthday party or play date.

Save 10% when booked between 7/1-7/31

July 1st to July 31st

The Little Mermaid loves jumping and dancing on her new...what do you call them?? Oh! Feet! She is so excited to learn about the human objects that you'll have at your party or event! She dances to the song "Part of your World" and her favorite dance move is skipping on her new legs! She can't wait to be a part of your day!

Save 10% when booked between 7/1-7/31

Upcoming Events

Little Mermaid Story time - second star to the right books denver

Story Time

The Little Mermaid wants to be part of your world! Join Ariel for a trip under the sea to sing and dance with Flounder & Sebastian, while battling Ursula and her sea snakes. No poor unfortunate souls here!

Dancing Princess LLC hosted some of our most popular story times at our original Tennyson location. We're so excited to be bringing them along to our new location on South Pearl Street - where all children are invited to dress up in their most royal garb and dance along!

Join the Little Mermaid at a Ballet Hour at the Castle Rock Community Recreation Center. Princess ballet Classes in Castle Rock, CO

Ballet Hour

Join Dancing Princess Parties by Dance Exploration in a Princess Dance class with the Little MermaidPrincess Ariel will be begin the class with an interactive Story time, dancers must perform easy movements to help her get her legs! Next students will get to dance under the sea and make bubbles with the Little Mermaid by twirling, flipping their fins and swimming like fishies when they perform simple ballet moves. Students will get to help Ariel earn her legs from the sea with an obstacle course! Class ends with pictures and Autographs.