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Dancing Princess Parties is composed of a team of talented, and dedicated individuals who work day in and day out to make the dreams of children (and adults) come true. As we believe, sometimes superheros reside in the hearts of small children fighting big battles. It is our hope that through our Magic Wishing Well™ Program, we can help these super heroic children and their parents bring a little joy, a little hope and a little magic to brighten their day. We began the Magic Wishing Well™ Program to ensure that we were giving every child and family a chance at magic. Once a month we will choose one child from our Wishing Well to have a special visit from their favorite characters. Throw a Wish into our Well - and nominate a small child in need. We love making a sick, abused or underprivileged child realize they are loved, they are special and that they never have to battle their hardships alone.

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