Princesses en Pointe™ Collection

Dancing Princess Parties, Denver's Princess Company, is proud to present our Princesses en Pointe™ Collection! This unique collection features all of your favorite princess characters in beautifully, hand-crafted tutus and ballet costuming. Our Princesses en Pointe™ parties are hosted by some of Denver's top talent, all locally trained and professional performers of companies such as Colorado Ballet, Ballet Ariel, Ballet Melange, Boulder Ballet and more! We can't wait to create a magical ballet experience for your tiny dancer at their next birthday party or event. We bring our performers to you! Select the Princess you can't wait to pirouette with at your next Birthday Party to get started!

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Ballerina Princess

The Ballerina Princess is ready to dance and perform at your next birthday party or event. She brings elegance, grace and poise wherever she goes along with a bit of fancy and fun. Her beautiful tutu glimmers and glistens as she dances her ballet. Her favorite song to dance to is "Music Box Dancer" and her favorite dance move is the Bouree Turn.

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Coronation (Tutu) Princess

For years shes roamed empty halls - but now, for the first time in forever, she wants to gallop, prance and twirl at your Frozen Ballet Party in her beautiful new coronation tutu. The Coronation Tutu Princess cannot wait to bring fun and fancy and a bit of silliness to your party. Along with her reindeer companion, they dance to "For the First Time in Forever" and "Love is an Open Door!" Sniffing out the giggles of your party guests is one of her favorite past times. Book her now!

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Florrie Flamingo©

Florrie Flamingo© is the ballerina flamingo character we added to our sister company - Dance Exploration, LLC in 2017 to help children learn ballet terminology with her ABC's of dance flash cards! Florrie will be available to dance en pointe (actress/space permitting) as she waltz's to the Flight of the Flamingo's from Fantasia. She will bring her 26 flash cards, and some parties will include the reading of any of her 3 books. Florrie Flamingo© is our trademarked character- she will be exclusive to Dancing Princess Parties! We are so excited to share her with all of you! 

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Frostbite Sisters (Tutu)

Our favorite sisters wear their ballerina tutus for your Frozen Birthday Party! They love teaching you how to channel your ice powers to "Let it Go!" and have a ball dancing to "For the First Time in Forever!" They bring their favorite frozen friends Olaf and Sven along for the fun! They love dancing with you in their tutus making your Frozen birthday party event one Tutu never forget!

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Ice Queen (Tutu)

The Ice Queen can be seen twirling, glissading (gliding) and leaping at your Ballet Themed Frozen party. She is beautiful in her icy blue tutu complete with snowflakes. The cold doesn't bother even when she's wearing her tutu and pointe shoes. She brings her loving snowman companion who loves sharing warm hugs with your party guests. She dances to the songs "Let it Go" and "Into the Unknown."

Little Mermaid- Fin

The Little Mermaid loves flipping her fins with the little guppies at your party. She will take them on an Under the Sea Adventure with her fishy friends. She also loves to share her treasure of thing-a-ma-bobs and hooz-its and whats-its as she dances to her favorite song "Part of that World". She also loves sharing her hair combing technique with her dinglehopper but she warns the guppies to keep an eye out for the sharks. You are sure to have a fin-tastic time when you book her for your next birthday party or play date.

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Pixie Princess

The Pixie Princess is the spunkiest of all the Dancing Princesses! She loves to teach her party guests how to fly with the help of a little pixie dust. She also loves getting her party guests clapping while they dance, because you know what they say? "If you believe in fairies clap your hands!" The Pixie Fairy's favorite dance move is bourrée! That's where you move your feet really really fast! The Pixie Princess leads her party guest in a princess dance to the song "Fly to your Heart!"