Terms of Rental

As of 4/18/2018

Dancing Princess Parties partners with several venues around the Denver Metro area to provide party and event space for our customers. By renting a featured venue through Dancing Princess Parties you agree to the terms held forth in this Terms of Service known as the "Agreement".

In this Agreement the party that is renting the venue will be referred to as "the renter" and Dancing Princess Parties will be referred to as "the host." The Featured Venue will be referred to as "the venue."

The Renter agrees that this Agreement may changed at any time without notice. Any changes made will be posted at this website with the notification to date of changes.

Host Staffing Fee
The Renter agrees that The Host has arranged rental terms with third party vendors to accommodate space and rental needs for our customers. As such, the cost of rental rates per hour through the Dancing Princess Parties website may differ from that of the vendor's site directly. Included in the rental fees on the host's site is a staffing charge to ensure that a Dancing Princess Parties staff member is at the venue for the duration of the party. Staffing the party with an authorized Dancing Princess Parties representative is required as part of our vendor relationships. This representative, provided by the host, is responsible for locking and unlocking the venue and is there to assist the set up and tear down of the event to ensure rental times are followed.

The renter agrees that the host and the venue may have additional staff on site at the time of the event. These additional staff may enter and exit the premises during the course of the event. A Dancing Princess Parties staff member will be on site during your entire event and will be checking periodically with the responsible parties to insure everything is running smoothly. We will also be checking the bathroom, the overall premises, replenishing hand towels and toilet paper, and will be available for questions or to respond to needs or issues that may arise at any time.

Rental Duration
The Renter agrees that site rentals require a minimum of 60 minutes to a maximum not to exceed 3 hours. The Renter will not gain access to the rental site before or after the agreed to time. It is the sole responsibility of The Renter to plan the event to accommodate for any party set up or clean up. The host is not responsible for any setting up or tearing down of the event. A Dancing Princess Parties staff member is supplied as a courtesy to assist in any way they can with the set up or tear down of your event. It is recommended that the first 15 minutes at the start of your rental time be used for setting up and the final 15 minutes at the end of your rental time are dedicated to set up and clean up of the event. Upon the event that the renter exceeds the agreed upon rental duration, the renter agrees to pay the host an additional $25/half hour. This payment will be provided to the Dancing Princess Parties staff member.

Neither the host, nor the venue are responsible for providing chairs, tables, decor or food for the event. Although some venues do supply tables and chairs, they are not available at all venues. It is the sole responsibility of the Renter to supply the appropriate commodities they need for the event. The set up and break down all party tables and chairs is the responsibility of the Renter. A Dancing Princess Parties staff member is supplied as a courtesy to assist in any way they can with the set up or tear down of your event. No nails, screws, staples or penetrating items are to be used on our walls or floors. PLEASE NO GLITTER OR CONFETTI. Only low tack tape is allowed on our floors and wall.

Cleaning of Venue
The Renter agrees to sweep or vacuum floors and remove all trash and decor at the end of the rental time. A Dancing Princess Parties staff member is supplied as a courtesy to assist in any way they can with the set up or tear down of your event.

Damage to Venue
Upon the event the renter or any of the renter's guest cause damage to a venue or any part of the venue's property, the renter may be responsible for fees to replace or repair any property damaged. These will be addressed directly with the venue and independently from the host after the date of your party.

Issues with Venue
If at any time the renter finds an issue with a venue, or a venue to not be in satisfactory order at the time of arrival, the renter agrees to take up the issue with the Dancing Princess Party staff member assigned to the party. The host will attempt to resolve the issue as best as possible. The renter will not take up issues with the venue staff directly.

Lost and Found
Neither THE HOST nor VENUE are responsible for lost or stolen items. Upon the event an item is left behind at the venue, the Dancing Princess Parties staff member will hold onto the item and immediately contact the Renter to arrange retrieval of the item. Should the renter or any of the renter's guests lose an item that is not retrieved, we suggest that the renter reach out to the venue individually to determine if there is a lost and found or if anyone has turned in the item.

The renter agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold THE HOST, THE VENUE, and any landlord, building owners, officers, employees, and agents harmless of and from any liabilities, costs, penalties, or expenses arising out of and/or resulting from the rental and use of the premises, including but not limited to, loss or damage of personal belongings.

Venue Rental Cancellations
Upon the event the Renter finds a different venue for their party, they can receive a refund for any fees paid to Dancing Princess Parties for Vendor Rental up until 7 days prior to the event. After 7 days, Venue Rental Payments are non-refundable.

Event Cancellations
All payments to Dancing Princess Parties (including vendor rental fees) include a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total event cost. The remaining 50% is refunded only with 7 days notice of cancellation. After 7 days, no part of your payment is refundable.

Tobacco and Alcohol
The renter and renter's guests agree to comply with all applicable city, county, State, and Federal laws and shall conduct no illegal act on the premises. All venues are drug free and non-smoking facilities. The renter  and renter's guests shall not consume, serve or sell alcohol on the venue premises at any time. The renter may not serve alcohol to minors on the premises at any time. The host reserves the right, in its exclusive discretion, to expel anyone who in its judgment is intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or who shall in any manner do or participate in any act jeopardizing the rights, use permit, or insurability of THE HOST or THE VENUE or the safety of its staff, guests, or building contents.